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Unlock Sleep Measures with the GENEActiv

Gain valuable insights into activity, lifestyle, and sleep, to help diagnose sleep conditions, assess the efficacy of interventions, and measure treatment effects in studies involving sleep.
Our world-leading wearables and connected technologies are enhancing clinical practice and improving sleep disorder management.
Researchers and clinicians are empowered to efficiently gather objective data for refining treatment strategies or investigating specific therapeutic areas, such as oncology, immunology, metabolism, musculoskeletal, and neurology, where sleep behaviour plays a significant role.
Unlock the future of actigraphy with Activinsights’ technologies.
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Beyond traditional actigraphy with the GENEActiv

Given the choice, most patients would choose home monitoring rather than a sleep lab. With the GENEActiv, you can effortlessly identify natural sleep patterns, quality, and environmental factors like light, and temperature, alongside typical sleep routines and behaviours.

Similarly, actigraphy is a cost-effective service, often preceding PSG monitoring enabling the collection of initial objective evidence regarding sleep patterns within the patient's home environment over two weeks facilitated by the GENEActiv.

Unlike traditional actigraphy, GENEActiv captures unfiltered, high-resolution raw data, enabling novel digital measures that allow for deeper insight. This deeper understanding of participant behaviours and treatment efficacy pushes the boundaries of analysis, offering invaluable insights for comprehensive research and intervention strategies.

Made to rigorous medical-grade standards, the GENEActiv ensures seamless data collection for up to two months continuously, eliminating the need for frequent charging and minimising patient burden.

Its high-resolution tri-axial acceleration data is an open format, effortlessly integrating with any data analysis software (for example, R and Actiware) streamlining the processing of digital measures of interest.

Using the GENEActiv removes subjective bias with high resolution objective raw data and paves the way for groundbreaking discoveries in Public Health research.
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'Fit and Forget' Wearable
Designed for long-term 24-hour wear
Up to 2 months of battery life
Event Marker button
Ambient light and temperature sensor
Wearable on multiple body locations
Open-source analytics and open SDKs available
100% waterproof lightweight design

Process your Sleep Data

As Philips' Actiwatch and Actiware phased out of the sleep market since the beginning of 2024, a void is left for sleep researchers and clinicians seeking a reliable sleep monitor which is compatible with Actiware’s data analysis tool. 

The GENEActiv with it's continued validation in sleep actigraphy (validated in over 188 sleep studies) offers researchers and clinicians unfiltered, raw data—an invaluable asset for in-depth analysis and longitudinal insight; an enhanced alternative to Actiwatch.

The GENEActiv has a feature enabling seamless conversion of raw data to AWD format which is compatible with Actiware. This enhancement adeptly addresses the gap left by the discontinued Actiwatch wearable, ensuring continuity and efficiency in data processing.

For processing your sleep data, you have the following options:

Activinsights Integration

Use the GENEActiv to collect raw data (.bin) and generate AWD or CSV files compatible with your preferred data processing software and algorithms, including Actiware software.
Sleep onset Latency

R Markdown

We provide R Markdown tools (and provide training if required) for instant data visualisations to support summary measures for research. Example measures include Sleep Onset Time, Rise Times, Total Sleep Duration, and more.

Activinsights' Commitment to Open Algorithm Development

As an integral member of the global academic community, Activinsights is dedicated to developing and validating open algorithms for assessing sleep, physical behaviour and lifestyle using raw accelerometry data. Our expertise extends to creating algorithms and processing data (R) for our research, client projects, and collaborations within publicly funded studies.

Reach out to us for further information on the extensive range of 150+ digital clinical measures that we routinely utilise.

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