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Data Acquisition & Analysis

As digital health measurement experts, we handle, process and report significant amounts of data. 

The adoption of an Information Security Management System compliant with ISO 27001 signifies our continuous evaluation of data-related risks, assuring our clients, partners, and participants that their data will retain its security, protection, and accessibility.

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Data Acquisition

Activinsights’ experience in large-scale public health programmes has proven the scalability of our approaches. We understand how to get the best data with maximum adherence and participant wear compliance. This is done with high-resolution data collection techniques to support trials in gathering better evidence, beyond traditional actigraphy measures.

Our professional, medical-grade wearables are designed for health research with minimal patient burden. They are robust, comfortable, have a neutral aesthetic, require no participant charging and provide no direct participant feedback.

The GENEActiv is the gold-standard, free-living, raw data measurement tool for clinical trials and innovative research. It records for up to one month with secure onboard data storage.

The Activinsights Band is a real-time, continuous assessment tool for health management and long-term deployment. With onboard algorithms, it provides wireless data transfers for up to one year.

We can offer advice on the best technology to suit you, along with recommendations on the number of data collection periods required to meet your specific research needs.

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Data Analysis

Activinsights supports the analysis of data from our professional wearables and other connected devices. We can do this directly with our secure, privacy-by-design data infrastructure or through the provision of data analysis scripts and packages.

We have developed digital clinical health measures in physical activity, sleep, lifestyle assessment, activity recognition, posture analysis and movement disorders. We can deliver these measures into study systems through real-time APIs (application programming interfaces) or within a clinical study report.

We have a dedicated data analytics team supported by several machine learning and artificial intelligence PhD programmes. As part of a worldwide community, Activinsights develops and validates open algorithms for physical behaviour and lifestyle assessment. We create algorithms and process data (R) for ourselves, our clients and within publicly funded research.

Contact us to find out more about the 50+ digital clinical measures that we regularly use including biomarker development and exploratory endpoints.

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Device & Data Management

Device Management

Moving towards more decentralised trials, we can supply and retrieve devices from participants directly. We can take on the full responsibility of device management to reduce site burden and enhance patient centricity – ultimately, delivering study data as a service. Secure and privacy-by design apps can also be deployed for real-time data direct from the participant.

Data Management

From sovereign client data stores to fully outsourced collection and analysis, we support the specific needs of any trial. We offer a globally scalable, secure, privacy-by-design infrastructure for raw data, summary event data and insight reporting. We specialise in the responsible data management of data acquisition, storage, and analysis, through to integration and access.

Deployment & Training

We offer a full-scale service for clinical trials and academic research projects, including study design, global deployment, training, data analysis and more.
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Remote Monitoring Experts

Activinsights is a digital health company that specialises in the objective measurement of physical behaviours and lifestyle within the clinical trials, health management and research markets.
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Our friendly team have extensive experience in remote monitoring technology and can advise you on what products and services will best suit your project needs.

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