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GENEActiv Training

To ensure the success of your clinical study or research project, our comprehensive, bespoke training will expertly guide you through every step of setting up your data collection process. 

From configuration and extraction to data transfer, maintenance, and best practices, we ensure your team are informed to minimise the risk of data loss through human error and seamless operation throughout your study. Our training also showcases the swift and user-friendly nature of the technology involved, underscoring its ease of use and efficiency.

Training is delivered virtually and we do not cap the number of attendees.

Who should attend GENEActiv training?

GENEActiv training is for everyone who is involved hands on in deploying the GENEActiv within a clinical study or research project. We recommend training to take place within one week of receiving your GENEActiv devices.

Training is delivered virtually, at a time convenient to yourselves and we do not cap the number of attendees.

The recording of the training is available upon request.

GENEActiv Training Benefits

Get Help Setting Up: We'll guide you step by step in setting up data collection for your study, making sure GENEActiv fits seamlessly into your research plans and gets you ready to start data collection.
Save Time: We'll help you streamline processes and workflows, giving you more time to use GENEActiv and less time fiddling with setup.
Keep Your Data Safe: Learn the ropes of handling and storing data securely to avoid any data losses.
Reduce Mistakes: Our training ensures you can collect and analyse data accurately, minimising errors.
Master Software: Learn how to install and use the software correctly so you can start your data collection immediately.
Personalised Training: Tailored sessions that fit your study's needs, giving your team the right guidance on study design and usage.
Hands-On Learning: Engage in an interactive demo of the GENEActiv data collection process where you can ask questions live and get immediate feedback.
Build Confidence: Gain the skills and confidence to use the technology independently after training, thanks to practical experience gained during the sessions.
GENEActiv training

What's in store with our GENEActiv training?

Upon finishing your GENEActiv training, you'll have your data collection process up and running, primed for immediate use in your clinical study or research project. You'll acquire expertise in configuration, extraction, data transfer, maintenance, and best practices specifically for your study, ensuring a quick and easy start and that users are confident in the use of the software and deploying the technology to achieve maximum data collection within the project.

Each participant will receive a certificate of completion and your organisation will have a complimentary check-in post-training with the project lead and free support for 12 months.

This is our commitment to you to ensure your ongoing success beyond the training room.

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