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GENEActiv Support

Activinsights has secure, privacy-by-design data infrastructure to support the timely retrieval of data from the field and delivery of analysed outputs into studies.
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Activinsights Band Support

Activinsights’ long-standing commitment to open data formats and open algorithms has provided a platform for hundreds of algorithm developers to create new techniques and measures from raw data.
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Activinsights are proud to have a growing network of partners. We are always keen develop new relationships and hear from distributors who are looking to grow their business using Activinsights’ products and services.
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Participant Information

Our products are designed to measure your everyday movements, physical activity (such as walking and running) and other behaviours such a sleep activity.
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Warranty & Returns

Activinsights offers a full 1-year warranty period. We provide remote trouble shooting services and an environmentally friendly recycling scheme.
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Check out our FAQ page which contains more information on our technologies and what we do.
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