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Warranty & Returns

Activinsights offers a full 1-year warranty period.

We also recognise that many research studies and clinical trials continue for long after our warranty period expires. For more details on our on-going product support, please contact us.


If you experience a fault with your device, where possible, we aim to troubleshoot your device remotely in the first instance.

If the device is in warranty and requires returning to us for investigation, we will support this process, maintaining an open dialogue about servicing or replacing the units if required. If the devices are outside of the warranty period, you are still welcome to contact us and where possible we will offer advice and support. 

If a fault cannot be repaired, we will replace your product free of charge. We recognise that many research studies and clinical trials continue for long after our warranty period expires. For more details on our ongoing product support, please contact us. We always endeavour to troubleshoot our products remotely or have them returned for service if possible.

Returns Process

On the rare occasion that you do discover a fault with one of your Activinsights devices, this must be reported to us by email, within 4 weeks of discovering the fault. If we cannot troubleshoot the fault remotely, we will then issue you with an Activinsights Returns Form. Upon receiving this, please complete the form and post it back to us along with the device, within 4 weeks of receipt. 

Please ensure any devices are suitably packaged and include a copy of the Activinsights Return Form. We will keep you informed the status of your device, any data that may need recovering, our investigation into the cause of the fault and any improvements we make to prevent the issue re-occurring.
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Returns Address:

Activinsights Returns, 
6 Nene Road,
Bicton Industrial Park,
PE28 0LF

Recycling Programme

We offer a recycling service for those that would like to responsibly dispose of their GENEActiv devices that are no longer in use.
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Designed for public health research and clinical trials, the GENEActiv is a lightweight and waterproof raw data accelerometer that can be worn in a number of body locations.
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Activinsights Band

The Activinsights Band is a low-burden, continuous assessment tool providing in-field, wireless data transfers for up to a year without the need for charging.
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Our friendly team have extensive experience in remote monitoring technology and can advise you on what products and services will best suit your project needs.

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