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Algorithm Development

Providing open data formats
Activinsights’ long-standing commitment to open data formats and open algorithms has provided a platform for hundreds of algorithm developers to create new techniques and measures from raw data. The use of raw data in SI units gives reproducibility, future-proofing and the ability to deploy any validated, open-source algorithm.

Statistical Analysis

Our team has capabilities in advanced statistical analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to develop new algorithms. We work within a wide community of academic researchers, partnering directly and indirectly to develop, verify and validate new digital health measures. The peer-reviewed publications that result from these collaborations are a source of new algorithms and underpin our world-renowned knowledge base.


Activinsights was a significant contributor to the OASIS COEL open standard that provides a global privacy-by-design framework for the collection and processing of behavioural data. Our data infrastructure uses this standard to ensure interoperability and security when managing event-based data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

We use data sharing agreements to give and gain permissioned access to the data needed for the development of new methods and algorithms. These data may have been collected ourselves (e.g. our SafeHeart project), for public health purposes (e.g.UK BioBank) or as part of a dedicated client project. In all cases, we follow the appropriate ethical guidelines and keep participant privacy at the core of our data management.


We support open analysis packages in the R environment with licenced access to our own activity and sleep reporting tools.

GENEAread: Package for Reading Binary Files

GENEAclassify: Segmentation and Classification of Accelerometer Data

GENEAsphere: Visualisation of Raw or Segmented Accelerometer Data

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Apps & Software

Our apps and software have been designed to enable healthcare professionals to configure devices and collect data remotely in the most efficient way possible.
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Our Technology

Our technology offering is built on professional wearables, secure data infrastructure, apps and software, and validated algorithms for public health research and clinical trials.
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Our friendly team have extensive experience in remote monitoring technology and can advise you on what products and services will best suit your project needs.

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