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Delivering Activity, Sleep, and Lifestyle insights

Activinsights simplify the remote collection of patient data – delivering activity, sleep, and lifestyle insight to healthcare professionals.

Our wearables and connected technologies are accelerating pharmaceutical drug development, enhancing clinical care, and complementing vital research.

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Why Activinsights

Measurement Experts

Activinsights specialises in the objective measurement of physical behaviours and lifestyle using tri-axial accelerometery.

As leaders in continuous and accurate monitoring outside the clinic, we have a dedicated data analytics team and a growing catalogue of over 150 Digital Health Measures.
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Patient Centricity

Designed for long-term wear with the lowest possible participant burden, our wearables are 'fit and forget' with no charging required.

Our devices are lightweight, aesthetically neutral, and 100% waterproof. We have had outstanding participant acceptance and proven high adherence. 

Privacy-by-design data flows directly to healthcare professionals.
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Data Quality

Our wearable delivers unfiltered, high-resolution raw data (GENEActiv) and real-time data (Activinsights Band.)

Manufactured in the UK in ISO13485 certified facilities, however, we have a scalable, global, and secure infrastructure accredited to ISO27001.

Our devices have proven reliability in studies of up to 10,000 participants.
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Our friendly team have extensive experience in remote monitoring technology and can advise you on what products and services will best suit your project needs.

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