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Delivering Activity, Sleep, and Lifestyle insights

Activinsights simplify the remote collection of patient data – delivering activity, sleep, and lifestyle insight to healthcare professionals.

Our wearables and connected technologies are accelerating pharmaceutical drug development, enhancing clinical care, and complementing vital research.
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Remote Monitoring

Activinsights can support you in the remote monitoring of physical behaviours and development of insights and novel biomarkers across a wide range of therapeutic areas.
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Our professional wearables, the GENEActiv and Activinsights Band, are used worldwide to provide accurate and continuous monitoring of lifestyle outside of the clinic environment.
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Study Services

We offer a full-scale service for clinical studies and academic research, with a flexible approach including global deployment, training, data analysis and more.
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We have over fourteen years’ experience working on over 125+ clinical trials and public health research with 1,100+ peer reviewed publications validating our technologies.

Latest News & Insights

Discover key insights, research, and latest news from across the industry.
Discover key insights, research, and latest news from across the industry.
24 April 2024

Core Digital Measures of Sleep

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15 January 2024

Activinsights Joins Prestigious UK Digital Health Playbook

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