Launch of the UK Digital Health Playbook

Launch of the UK Digital Health Playbook

Activinsights are delighted to be part of the launch of the 2023 edition Department for International Trade’s UK Digital Health Playbook.

Digital technology has a significant role to play in bridging the gap around health inequalities. As we move out of the pandemic and into the recovery phase, hospitals and health systems need a well-defined approach in digital globally.

The UK’s Playbook features 200 UK innovators who can provide solutions for all of today’s healthcare challenges in digital health.

This means that Activinsights has been recognised as one of the UK's top innovators in the digital health space!

Our Commercial Director, Raggy Bains, was pleased to attend the launch event in London on 19th October.

You can download your copy of the UK Digital Health Playbook and find out more about this campaign on their website.

Activinsights to Become Digital Solutions Collaborator for new DiME Project

Activinsights to Become Digital Solutions Collaborator for new DiME Project

Activinsights are pleased to announce their involvement as a Digital Solutions Collaborator in a new physical activity project with the Digital Medicine Society (DiME). The project will see Activinsights playing a fundamental part in the development of a core set of digital measures for physical activity that are accepted within the industry.

Measures of physical activity are essential to health that they are emerging as the 6th vital sign for patients. The outcomes of this project will help to better inform decisions about patient care, research, and public health policy across disease areas. By taking an omni-therapeutic approach, we can reduce time and risk, speeding the development of breakthrough therapies for all patients to market.

As a Digital Solution Collaborator, Activinsights will play a critical supporting role, contributing throughout the project team’s process, providing strategic input during multi-stakeholder events and serving as usability testers and early adopters to the core digital measures set.

Dr Raghbir Bains, Activinsights’ Commercial Director also expressed his delight in this new partnership, commenting “We are very excited about this collaboration and the opportunity to work with DiME. They are uniquely positioned to focus the industry’s attention on the core set of digital clinical measures for physical activity to speed the development of the most valuable measures to improve clinical research and patient care. This will be of huge value to clinicians and researchers as they assess patient behaviours.”

Candice Taguibao, Program Lead at Digital Medicine Society also commented, "We are proud that Activinsights has joined this extraordinary and innovative collaboration. Right now, money, time, and effort are spent figuring out what to measure - we have around 80 unique endpoints for physical activity in DiMe’s crowdsourced, living Library of Digital Endpoints. Still, there aren’t even close to 80 different features of physical activity in daily life. We need to pivot to focus on developing the tools and therapeutics needed to bring added value to patients, caregivers, researchers, and product developers."

Find out more about this project.


Activinsights and Cardialysis Announce a New Strategic Partnership

Activinsights is excited to announce a new partnership agreement with Cardialysis, a leading Cardiovascular Research Organisation with an exclusive focus on cardiology.

This new collaboration will see Cardialysis become the first organisation of its kind to promote the use of remote monitoring wearables as a tool for researchers to better understand the daily lifestyles of their patients.

By using Activinsights’ professional wearable devices, Cardialysis will be able to accurately understand their patient’s behaviours and monitor behaviours such as sleep, sedentary behaviour, walking and high activity levels, as related to cardiology. By collecting this in-depth raw data, sponsors will be able to analyse and understand how certain treatments and interventions may be affecting the patient.

Dr. Ernest Spitzer, Chief Medical Officer at Cardialysis commented, “The use of professional wearables in clinical research brings us a step closer to understanding how new therapies effect the day-to-day symptoms of trial participants. As much as traditional clinical outcomes remain a priority for effectiveness and safety assessments, incorporating actigraphy into clinical research may become a new standard for the short and mid-term evaluation of cardiovascular therapies”.

An active lifestyle is pivotal to remaining healthy and is important for smooth recovery after periods of disease. In cardiology, however, most conditions are chronic, meaning that once a patient is diagnosed, the disease will progress unless treated. These cardiac conditions may affect the patient’s ability to exercise or even perform daily activities. Therapies based on devices or drugs can improve symptoms and quality of life, and actigraphy is a modern method to assess these changes.

“Three conditions where the use of actigraphy becomes immediately evident are heart failure, structural heart disease, and coronary artery disease, especially in comparisons between surgical and transcatheter interventions,” commented Dr. Spitzer.

Bill Hogan, Activinsights’ CEO also expressed his delight in this new partnership – “We are very excited about this collaboration. The opportunity to work with Cardialysis to offer our professional wearables will be of huge value to clinicians and researchers as they assess patient behaviours. With the move towards decentralised trials accelerating, patient remote monitoring is now critical, particularly for long-term deployment, so this relationship will be significant to cardiology patients going forward”.

Activinsights’ technologies have been successfully deployed within cardiology trials and studies for many years. This collaboration between Cardialysis and Activinsights supports trials in gaining additional objective digital measures outside of the clinical environment. The ability to understand a patient’s quality of life remotely, along with supporting clinical endpoints such as the 6-minute walk test in a free-living environment, will continue to innovate the market. Activinsights’ high-quality data goes beyond traditional actigraphy and enables the development of relevant digital biomarkers within cardiovascular disease research.

This partnership steers towards an exciting future in supporting cardiology trials, with an overall goal to improve health outcomes for many patients.


About Cardialysis
Cardialysis is a leading Cardiovascular Research Organization with an exclusive focus on cardiology, providing the full range of clinical research and cardiovascular core laboratory services. Through almost 40 years, Cardialysis has executed over 400 clinical investigations, and contributed to advances in the management of cardiovascular disease ultimately improving clinical outcomes and quality of life. Its largest contribution relates to clinical investigations with cardiovascular devices, such as coronary stents and transcatheter heart valves; nevertheless, the organization has also managed some of the largest and most innovative drug trials in interventional cardiology and heart failure. Cardialysis is recognized for its key-opinion-leader network, strong academic involvement, and in-depth methodological expertise. In the past decades, Cardialysis has developed full-service clinical operations capabilities, which in combination with its academic and core laboratory services, allow to plan and execute a clinical investigation from the design phase up to the reporting of the study results.

About Activinsights
Activinsights is a digital health company that specialises in the objective measurement of physical behaviours and lifestyle. Our technologies are used worldwide within the clinical trials, health management and research markets to provide accurate and continuous monitoring of lifestyle outside of the clinic environment. We develop novel health measures from data collected by our own professional wearables and other connected devices, such as phone apps, within a scalable global and secure infrastructure. Advanced data analytics reveal insights, novel endpoints and biomarkers that support pharmaceutical drug development, clinical practice, and disease management.

For more information, contact:
Raghbir Bains PhD
Commercial Director, Activinsights
+44 (0)7496 292 073

Activinsights Announces New Chief Executive Officer

Activinsights Announces New Chief Executive Officer

Activinsights announces a new position in the executive team for Bill Hogan as Chief Executive Officer. Bill joins the Activinsights team as a proven business leader in the clinical and pharmaceutical industries.

Bill is an internationally experienced business leader with a track record in driving revenue growth and profitability in the pharma market. Throughout his career, he has used his knowledge to develop strategies and techniques that support successful integrations, mergers, and acquisition.

Prior to joining Activinsights, Bill spent 25 years at VWR/Avantor latterly as SVP and General manager for Europe. He holds a B.Sc. in Microbiology from UCL and an M.Sc. in Pathological Sciences from Sheffield.

Bill has a track record of expanding business offerings from product-only to service provisions within the global pharma market. He brings knowledge of analysing and identifying customer needs and building solutions in-line with demand.

This is an exciting time for Activinsights as clinical trials around the world are embracing remote patient monitoring to improve access and efficiency. This established trend has been accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis. Bill’s experience will help Activinsights to utilise its decade of scientific and technical expertise to develop new offerings in the digital health and clinical trials markets.

Richard Thomas, formerly Managing Director, will move to the new position of Executive Chairman where he will continue to be deeply involved in the operation and growth of the business. Richard says, “We are delighted to welcome Bill to Activinsights. The addition of Bill to the management team and Board of Directors is an important step in the company’s growth in clinical research markets.”

Predicting Life-Threatening Arrhythmias in Cardiac Patients using Artificial Intelligence and Wearables

Predicting Life-Threatening Arrhythmias in Cardiac Patients using Artificial Intelligence and Wearables

Four specialist healthcare organisations are collaborating on a €1.8M project to improve the prediction of lethal cardiac arrhythmias with co-funding from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK as part of the EUREKA Eurostars programme.

The SafeHeart project will create a preventive, personalised and fully integrated mobile health system that empowers patients who have cardiac implanted electronic devices.

Over half of patients with cardiac implanted electronic devices die within five years of implant. Clinics are in urgent need of tools that can detect early signs of worsening disease in order to safely manage these patients and improve outcomes.

SafeHeart builds on many years of successful collaboration between the project lead, Vital Beats, and Denmark’s leading cardiac disease centre at the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. The project brings in clinical experience from Amsterdam University Medical Center and professional wearables from Activinsights.

Over 3 years, SafeHeart will combine Vital Beats’ existing platform with wearable technologies from Activinsights, working with patients in clinical settings in Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Artificial intelligence techniques will be used to analyse heart data from cardiac implanted electronic devices, physical behaviour from the wearable and information reported by the patient through the app. The resulting predictions will be tested by researchers at Rigshospitalet and Amsterdam University Medical Center to create novel and essential real-time health data feedback for clinicians and patients.

SafeHeart will be a major breakthrough in the cardiac field, uniquely offering arrhythmia prediction, live patient monitoring, and alerts 30 days before deadly cardiac arrests.

Activinsights' Chief Technical Officer, Joss Langford says, "We are proud to be supporting the SafeHeart project with Activinsights wearable devices. We value this opportunity to learn how our technologies can improve patient outcomes and create a deeper understanding of the impact of lifestyle on cardiac health. Working alongside such an experienced team with remote monitoring approaches is an exciting opportunity for us here at Activinsights."