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Activinsights to Become Digital Solutions Collaborator for new DiME Project

19 October 2022
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Activinsights to Become Digital Solutions Collaborator for new DiME Project

Activinsights are pleased to announce their involvement as a Digital Solutions Collaborator in a new physical activity project with the Digital Medicine Society (DiME). The project will see Activinsights playing a fundamental part in the development of a core set of digital measures for physical activity that are accepted within the industry.

Measures of physical activity are essential to health that they are emerging as the 6th vital sign for patients. The outcomes of this project will help to better inform decisions about patient care, research, and public health policy across disease areas. By taking an omni-therapeutic approach, we can reduce time and risk, speeding the development of breakthrough therapies for all patients to market.

As a Digital Solution Collaborator, Activinsights will play a critical supporting role, contributing throughout the project team’s process, providing strategic input during multi-stakeholder events and serving as usability testers and early adopters to the core digital measures set.

Dr Raghbir Bains, Activinsights’ Commercial Director also expressed his delight in this new partnership, commenting “We are very excited about this collaboration and the opportunity to work with DiME. They are uniquely positioned to focus the industry’s attention on the core set of digital clinical measures for physical activity to speed the development of the most valuable measures to improve clinical research and patient care. This will be of huge value to clinicians and researchers as they assess patient behaviours.”

Candice Taguibao, Program Lead at Digital Medicine Society also commented, "We are proud that Activinsights has joined this extraordinary and innovative collaboration. Right now, money, time, and effort are spent figuring out what to measure - we have around 80 unique endpoints for physical activity in DiMe’s crowdsourced, living Library of Digital Endpoints. Still, there aren’t even close to 80 different features of physical activity in daily life. We need to pivot to focus on developing the tools and therapeutics needed to bring added value to patients, caregivers, researchers, and product developers."

Find out more about this project.


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