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Boost Patient Engagement and Data Rates

At Activinsights, we simplify remote collection of patient digital health data, empowering healthcare professionals with invaluable insights into activity, sleep, and lifestyle patterns.

Our connected technologies redefine data acquisition, offering invaluable insights that amplify the efficiency of pharmaceutical drug development, improve disease management, and refine clinical practice to unprecedented levels of effectiveness.

Discover how Activinsights can elevate your clinical practice to new heights.
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Validated in:

GENEActiv: Raw Data Accelerometer

Our GENEActiv has proven invaluable in decentralised and hybrid clinical trials, boasting a remarkable adoption rate due to its minimal participant burden.

Our professional, medical-grade wearable is designed to be 'fit and forget', requiring no charging from participants, ensuring seamless integration into their daily routines. Our patient-centric approach ensures minimal participant burden while measuring daily living behaviours.

The GENEActiv produces unfiltered tri-axial acceleration data in SI units in an open data format. You can objectively monitor activity, sleep, and lifestyle, reliably for up to two months without the need for charging.

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Digital Health Measures

Activinsights surpasses conventional actigraphy to give researchers access to activity, sleep and lifestyle insights to complement their research beyond clinic-based physiological metrics.

Our signal analysis capabilities unveil insights into repetitive movements such as scratching, tremors, and environmental interactions. Additionally, we detect predefined movement patterns, facilitating nuanced analysis.

Explore our comprehensive Digital Measures Catalogue, encompassing over 150 health and clinical measures, including biomarker development and exploratory endpoints, to propel your research forward.

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Real World Evidence

With over 14 years experience within clinical trials and public health research, we have been validated in 1100+ peer viewed publications and used in 125+ clinical trials and deployed across 20+ strategic areas such as:

Healthy Ageing
Renal & Gastroenterology
Sleep Medicine
Women's Health


Understanding patterns of physical behaviour in chronic heart disease, heart failure and circulatory diseases provides deep insight into disease progression, cardiovascular performance and recovery after interventions. These measurements require long term wear or frequent, repeat assessments in real world settings. The low patient burden of Activinsights’ wearables has been proven in many studies with high adherence rates.

Key Indications 

Circulatory Diseases
Heart Disease
Heart Failure
Cardiovascular Disease

Rationale and Design of the SafeHeart Study

This study looked at the development and testing of a mHealth tool for the prediction of arrhythmic events and implantable cardioverter-defibrillator therapy.
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Activinsights and Cardialysis Announce a New Strategic Partnership

Activinsights is excited to announce a new partnership agreement with Cardialysis, a leading Cardiovascular Research Organisation with an exclusive focus on cardiology.
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The ability of our unfiltered raw data accelerometry to detect and quantify fine motor movements has placed Activinsights’ technologies at the forefront of scratch detection in dermatology. The objective measurement of nocturnal scratch in combination with sleep and daily living data will revolutionise the development of treatments for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Key Indications 

Atopic Dermatitis

Detection of Nocturnal Scratching Movements in Patients with Atopic Dermatitis Using Accelerometers

High-resolution wrist actigraphy is a non-invasive method to record movement. This paper presents an algorithm to detect nocturnal scratching events based on
actigraphy data.
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Development of Digital Measures for Nighttime Scratch and Sleep using Wrist-worn Wearable Devices

Patients with atopic dermatitis experience increased nocturnal pruritus which leads to scratching and sleep disturbances. Objective measurements of nighttime scratching and sleep quantity can help assess the efficacy of an intervention.
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The physical manifestation of many neurological conditions can be measured objectively with continuous, high resolution accelerometry assessment. Tremor and other involuntary movements have characteristic signals that can be identified and quantified. Changes in gait, posture and rest-activity rhythms also provide vital data to support ongoing disease monitoring and management.

Key Indications 

Parkinson's Disease
Motor Activity
Huntington's Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Tourette's Syndrome

Wrist-worn Accelerometer Measures of Movement by People with Parkinson’s Attending Dance Classes

This study used GENEActiv devices to measure the level of physical activity of people with Parkinson's during a dance class. Data across the time bins showed the accelerometers accurately tracked movements.
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Physical Activity in Non-Disabled People with Early Multiple Sclerosis

The aims of this study were to objectively quantify PA levels in non-disabled PwMS, to compare the time spent daily at different PA levels with healthy subjects, and to examine the association of PA with disability, and clinical measures in PwMS.
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Key Indications 


Sleep Behaviour of Infants with Infantile Hemangioma Treated with Propranolol—a Cohort Study

This cohort study consisted of a prospective cohort of infants with propranolol treatment for IH, whose sleep behavior was assessed over time, and a comparison with an identically designed, historical cohort of untreated infants, whose sleep behavior was assessed in the same manner without any temporal matching.
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Physical Activity Predicts Task-related Behaviour, Affect and Tiredness in the Primary School Classroom

This study investigated the dose–response relationship between acute physical activity (PA) intensity during physical education (PE) lessons (dose), and task behaviour and learning experiences in the classroom after PE (response), and mediation effects of acute PA on-task behaviour via learning experiences.
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Sleep Medicine

Key Indications 

Chronic Insomnia
Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS)
Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)
Jet Lag
Polysomnography (PSG)
Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)
Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLM)
Shift Worker Syndrome

Intelligence Predicts Better Cognitive Performance After Normal Sleep but Larger Vulnerability to Sleep Deprivation

This study looked at whether those with higher intelligence are also more resilient to the cognitive effects of insufficient sleep.
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Comparing GENEActiv against Actiwatch-2 over Seven Nights Using a Common Sleep Scoring Algorithm and Device-Specific Wake Thresholds

This study compared the reliability of GENEActiv against Actiwatch-2 and found the overall reliability to be higher.
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