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Clinical Trials

In clinical trials, lifestyle insights are fundamental to understanding the intricacies of people’s daily lives and establishing how quality of life, disease and treatment interact.

Our technologies collect high-resolution, raw data that maximise the value of objective data collected within specific populations. This data can be used across a wide-range of therapeutic areas such as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases to understanding specific motions, such as tremor in Parkinson's.

Daily and longer-term lifestyle patterns can be established from rich data acquisition to infer the impact of disease progression, behavioural interventions and drug therapies.

Hybrid and Decentralised Trials

Our flexible approach to hybrid and decentralised trials means that researchers and clinicians get the results they need efficiently and effectively. 

We offer tailored advice, data services and support for study design, grant submissions and community-based projects.
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Reducing Burden

Our patient-centric approach allows us to measure daily living behaviours with minimal burden to participants. Our professional wearables are lightweight and neutral in design, resulting in high levels of patient adherence in trials.

Reducing the deployment burden is just as important for study success and we work hard to ensure devices are deployed quick and reliably directly to sites and patients.
Deployment & Training
Utilized in over 100+ clinical trials worldwide

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