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Public Health Research

Activinsights’ technologies, algorithms and services have been used in over 40 countries to inform public health surveillance programmes.
Remote monitoring techniques allow us to collect objective data about the everyday lives of individuals and assess the delivery of non-clinical interventions, to help improve the health of the public. 

The data collected from wearables provides crucial evidence about the prevalence of many diseases, their impacts and causal factors. 

Academic Research

Activinsights’ technologies have been reliably deployed within academic research programmes for over a decade across 200+ global research institutions. The scalability of our approach has been proven in large-scale public health programmes and validated through our extensive work in academic research.

Used alongside traditional subjective techniques, our technologies can evaluate reporting biases, establish baselines between surveys and measure the impact of interventions.
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Our longstanding experience within the public health research sector utilises our expertise in offering a complete service for research and clinical trials. 

This includes support in:
Defining the problem and the role of activity measurement in the solution. Assessing overall cost, feasibility and impact.
Study design and planning
Defining required resources and equipment for data collection, data management plans and a complete data analysis approach to meet the required outputs.
Running the activity measurement of the study from recruitment to final data quality assessment.
Data Summary
Providing statistics throughout the study and final summary data in-line with the agreed strategy.
Interpretation and translation
Delivering data insights and utilising the raw data collected to move from outputs to outcomes and then showing the impact of the research on the objectives and supporting publications.

Clinical Trials

In clinical trials, lifestyle insights are fundamental to understanding the intricacies of people’s daily lives and establishing how quality of life, disease and treatment interact.
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Digital Health Measures

Our professional wearables record data about the participant’s movement and environment. Algorithms are then used to infer information about the type, duration, and characteristics of physical behaviours that make up daily living.
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How can we help you?
Our friendly team have extensive experience in remote monitoring technology and can advise you on what products and services will best suit your project needs.

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