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Sleep Clinical Trial Insights Unlocked

Gain invaluable insights into activity, lifestyle, and sleep, essential for assessing interventions and treatments in studies involving sleep.
Unlock the future of actigraphy with Activinsights’ technologies.
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Unlike traditional actigraphy, our world-leading wearable, the GENEActiv captures unfiltered, high-resolution raw data enabling novel digital measures that push the boundaries of insight, providing a deeper understanding of participant behaviours and treatment efficacy.

Gather crucial data to refine treatment strategies or to help investigate a specific therapeutic area, such as oncology, immunology, or neurology, where sleep is a primary, secondary or exploratory endpoint.

Use the GENEActiv to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your clinical trials.

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'Fit and Forget' Wearable
Designed for long-term 24-hour wear
Up to 2 months of battery life
100% waterproof lightweight design
Ambient light and temperature sensor
Wearable on multiple body locations
Open-source analytics and open SDKs available
Suitable for all age groups

Core Sleep Digital Measures

With the GENEActiv, you gain unfiltered, raw data empowering your analysis. You can leverage this data directly, however, our expertise extends to processing all or part of the data for you. 

We specialise in developing and validating algorithms, offering tailored data processing aligned with 15 sleep digital measures to ensure relevance to your sleep clinical trial. These serve as foundational elements for potential clinical trial endpoints, significant digital health biomarkers and clinical outcome assessments.

Below is a small selection of our digital sleep measures which fall in line with the core set of digital measures of sleep, as laid out by DiMe;

Total Sleep Duration 

Duration of time spent sleeping in the primary sleep period.

Monitoring Total Sleep Duration pre-, during, and post-treatment enables researchers to gauge treatment efficacy in enhancing sleep duration and quality.

With advanced actigraphy, researchers can facilitate and monitor long-term intervention and help identify adverse effects or treatment-induced changes in sleep patterns.
Sleep onset Latency

Sleep onset Latency

Duration of time an individual takes to first achieve sleep after intending to sleep.

Sleep onset Latency as a core digital measure, aids in monitoring treatment effectiveness by quantifying sleep initiation, providing precise insights for researchers.

Monitoring Sleep onset Latency enhances research reliability, treatment efficacy assessment, and overall sleep health promotion.
Wake after Sleep onset

Wake after Sleep onset

Total amount of time an individual spends awake after initially falling asleep and before finally waking up.

In clinical trials, WASO offers insights into treatment efficacy by reducing sleep fragmentation. Researchers can explore WASO's link to health outcomes including cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, mental health issues, cognitive function, and overall quality of life, paving the way for targeted interventions and improved sleep health strategies.

Number of wake events in the primary sleep period

Total number of wake events in the primary sleep period.

Monitoring changes in awakenings pre and post-treatment aids in evaluating intervention efficacy for sleep disorders, offering valuable feedback and refining treatment strategies.

Linked to adverse health outcomes like cardiovascular disease and cognitive impairment, understanding this relationship enables research to develop targeted interventions to mitigate risks.
Sleep Efficiency

Sleep Efficiency

Percentage of time spent sleeping when the participant intends to sleep.

Higher sleep efficiency indicates better sleep consolidation and quality, while lower efficiency suggests fragmented sleep. 

In clinical research, sleep efficiency quantifies sleep quality and continuity, aiding researchers in their intervention assessment.
Total napping time

Total napping time

Total time spent sleeping outside of the time attempting to sleep.

Integrating and monitoring this digital measure into clinical research enhances the researcher's understanding of targeted interventions.
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