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Success in Colorado & Miami

20 July 2022
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In-person conferences are back with a bang as Activinsights attends two international events in the USA.

After the last two years without face-to-face networking events, the Activinsights team were very excited to recently exhibit at two great industry events in the USA; Decentralized Clinical Trials in Miami and ICAMPAM in Colorado.

Decentralized Clinical Trials

As first-time attendees of the Decentralized Clinical Trials event, we were excited to learn more about the conference and connect with many different industry professionals. In attendance was our CEO Bill Hogan, and our Commercial Manager Steph Sargeant. Both Bill and Steph were keen to get involved and attended many of the interesting talks and seminars on offer.

While the use of technology to conduct clinical trials remotely is not new, the global pandemic has hugely accelerated the adoption of decentralized and hybrid clinical trials. The conference seminars shared many examples of how decentralized trials work well, the benefits of working remotely, and how to navigate the complexities of planning and implementing end-to-end clinical trials in a remote format. With remote trials here to stay, Activinsights can provide a great solution for monitoring patient activity easily and securely.


Later in June, Steph along with our Co-Founder Richard Thomas attended the International Conference on Ambulatory Monitoring of Physical Activity and Movement (ICAMPAM) conference in Colorado, which brings together those interested in the study of objective measurement and quantification of physical behaviour. Having attended ICAMPAM many times in previous years, Steph and Richard were keen to connect with many existing customers as well as potential new partners including students, researchers, clinicians, therapists, and more.

The conference agenda covered many interesting areas of activity monitoring, with the three main scientific tracks and themes focussing on: Technology and Algorithm Development, Big Data and Statistical Analysis, and Applications (such as using wearable devices like the GENEActiv). Many speakers also covered the topic of sleep - something which Activinsights is particularly experienced in, having been utilized in over 120 scientific sleep publications alone.

Overall, we found both events very beneficial and we hope to reconnect with many of our clients again at future conferences. Check out our events page to see where we will be heading next!

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