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Our Technology

Our technology offering is built on professional wearables, secure data infrastructure and validated algorithms.
Our devices, the GENEActiv and the Activinsights Band, are designed for health research and clinical trials and are made in the UK to medical device standards. They have high participant wear adherence and require no charging from the patient.

Professional Wearables


Designed for public health research and clinical trials, the GENEActiv is a lightweight and waterproof raw data accelerometer. Its robust, neutral design can objectively monitor physical activity, sleep and everyday living behaviours reliably for up to one month without the need for charging.
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Activinsights Band

Best for long-term interventions, the Activinsights Band is a continuous assessment tool that provides wireless data transfers for up to a year with no charging required. Designed to assist healthcare professionals with lifestyle analysis, it’s event-based analytics enable the easy generation of lifestyle reports.
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Data Infrastructure

Activinsights has secure, privacy-by-design data infrastructure to support the timely retrieval of data from the field. All our data infrastructure is pseudonymised, holding directly identifying personal information outside of the cloud and includes secure access control and permissions.
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Apps & Software

Our apps and software have been designed to enable healthcare professionals to configure devices and collect data remotely in the most efficient way possible. This gives complete control to the study to share data as required by the study protocol or project needs.
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Algorithm Development

Activinsights’ commitment to open data formats and algorithms has provided a platform for hundreds of algorithm developers to create new techniques and measures from raw data to verify and validate new digital health measures. See how we can help you.
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How can we help you?
Our friendly team have extensive experience in remote monitoring technology and can advise you on what products and services will best suit your project needs.

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