Activinsights Band: Advanced Actigraphy

The Activinsights Band is a low-burden, continuous assessment tool providing in-field, wireless data transfers for up to a year without the need for charging.
The device has been designed to assist healthcare professionals as a convenient lifestyle analysis tool for longer-term interventions. Our technology uses techniques based on established research to determine a wide range of everyday behaviours and lifestyle patterns. These insights can help with the ongoing management and treatment of conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and circadian rhythm disorders.


100% waterproof
Up to one year battery life
Wireless data transfer
Neutral, low burden design
Event marker button
APIs available
Instant data visualisations

Behavioural events detected:

Exercise (working out, running, swimming, cycling) 
Sedentary (inactive and sitting/lying)
Sleep (asleep and active periods)
Active (on the go, standing and walking)
Event marker button presses

Example measures include:

Daily summary of energy expenditure
Sleep and wake patterns
Event marker to record specific events such as medication
Deliver objective novel long-term behavioural insights

Apps & Software

Our apps and software have been designed to enable healthcare professionals to configure devices and collect data remotely in the most efficient way possible. This gives complete control to the study to share data as required by the study protocol or project needs.
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Looking for a raw data collection device? The GENEActiv outputs tri-axial, raw accelerometery data with environmental light and temperature measurements for up to one month continuously without the need to charge.
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