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Activinsights Band

Real-time activity, sleep and lifestyle data
The Activinsights Band is a convenient activity, sleep, and lifestyle analysis tool for longer-term assessments and interventions. Its wireless communication function provides continuous remote monitoring for 6 months to a year with no charging required.

The Activinsights Band uses validated algorithms from established research to intelligently analyse daily activities.

The simple, comfortable design has proven high compliance rates and is manufactured in the UK to medical-grade standards.

Clinical Trials

Access activity, sleep and lifestyle data throughout a trial or study in real-time with a single device with high adherence and no participant charging.

Public Health Research

Gather population-level physical activity and sleep pattern data to make informed decisions for public health interventions.

Health Management and Clinical Care

The Activinsights Band supports both research and management of chronic conditions and rehabilitation with direct deliver of data to health professionals

Remote Monitoring and Behaviour Change

Support remote patient care and interventions with Activinsights Bane. Give cost-effective and valuable data to healthcare providers for better and move convenient care.

Accurate Sleep Data

The Activinsights Band delivers precise, real-time sleep data through the measurement of movement, providing instant sleep actigraphy reports.

Beyond Actigraphy

Posture information and activities of daily living analysis provide a richer picture of lifestyle and sleep interactions.

Early Detection

The Activinsights Band serves as an effective screen tool to help identify the risk of disorders relating to activity or sleep, supporting early detection and intervention.


Designed for long term 24-hour wear
Up to one year battery life
100% waterproof, lightweight design
Activity, sleep, and lifestyle reports instantly available
Temperature and movement-based wear detection
Automatic, wireless data upload through app
Data delivered directly to clinician
Wide range of data output options

Behavioural events detected:

Exercise (working out, running, swimming, cycling) 
Sedentary (inactive and sitting/lying)
Sleep (asleep and active periods)
Active (on the go, standing and walking)
Event marker button presses

Example measures include:

Daily summary of energy expenditure
Sleep and wake patterns
Event marker to record specific events such as medication
Deliver objective novel long-term behavioural insights
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