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Allowing for secure data transfer in the field.
Activinsights’ apps and software have been designed to enable healthcare professionals to configure devices and collect data remotely in the most efficient way possible and are low burden for both patients and sites.

Extracting Data

As wearables are returned from the field, the GENEActiv software will extract sensor-level, raw data to local, sovereign data stores. This gives complete control to the study to share data as required by the study protocol or project needs. The open format data can then be analysed in any package with any algorithm and Activinsights supports open tools for this. 

Study participants wearing the Activinsights Band can use our multi-platform apps to deliver near real-time event data to the study at any time and from any location. The apps run in the background with no required participant interaction and the data transfers are securely double pseudonymised.

Analysing Data

The uploaded data can be queried, downloaded or analysed on-demand by the Activinsights Band Clinic App or via application programming interface (API). The Activinsights Band Clinic App holds a local database for participant and device management where participant reports can be created. 

Dedicated tools enable the secure transfer of raw data and study documentation to our cloud infrastructure where we run data analytics to produce digital health measures. These measures can be returned from our study management team or via API.

Already have 
infrastructure in place?

We recognise that many studies and customers already have infrastructure in place to run validated processes. Activinsights can provide software development kits (SKDs) under licence to facilitate the integration of our professional measurement tools into your existing systems. 

Contact us to discuss the data flows in your study to see how our software systems and development capabilities can best help you.
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Reports as standard

These reports can be customised and, as standard, include:
Lifestyle summary
Long-term activity and sleep
Daily activity summary
Eight-week report
Event data summary

Our Apps

Our apps and software are available across a variety of platforms including iOS, Android and Windows.
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Data Infrastructure

Activinsights has secure, privacy-by-design data infrastructure to support the timely retrieval of data from the field and delivery of analysed outputs into studies.
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Algorithm Development

Activinsights’ long-standing commitment to open data formats and open algorithms has provided a platform for hundreds of algorithm developers to create new techniques and measures from raw data.
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How can we help you?
Our friendly team have extensive experience in remote monitoring technology and can advise you on what products and services will best suit your project needs.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.
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