Activinsights Welcomes James and Emily to the team

Activinsights proudly introduces its latest team members, Emily Lawrence and James Nelson, marking a significant milestone amid a year of remarkable growth for the company. This expansion not only reflects Activinsights' enduring success but also heralds a new era of possibilities, as the addition of Emily and James positions us to advance our presence in the dynamic arena of clinical trials.



James Nelson
Data Manager

James steps in as our new Data Manager, bringing a profound understanding of data intricacies to the team.

James will be a guiding force behind our data initiatives, ensuring our data is meticulously managed.





Emily Lawrence
Marketing Manager

Emily Joins us as Marketing Manager, bringing a wealth of expertise in the world of marketing.

Her passion for creative strategies and commitment to achieving outstanding results make Emily a perfect fit for our innovative team.

Activinsights Attains Coveted ISO 27001 Certification

Activinsights Attains Coveted ISO 27001 Certification, Demonstrating Commitment to Information Security Excellence.

Activinsights, a market leader in the remote monitoring of clinical trial participants, proudly announces its successful achievement of ISO 27001 certification, solidifying its dedication to ensuring the highest standards of information security and data protection.

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised standard that establishes stringent requirements for the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of an information security management system. Achieving this certification demonstrates Activinsights commitment to safeguarding sensitive medical data, ensuring it confidentiality, integrity, and availability, whilst mitigating risk.

Activinsights has undertaken an extensive audit process to validate its adherence to the ISO 27001 Standards. This accomplishment showcases the company’s proactive approach to mitigating security risks, bolstering client trust, and aligning with global best practices.

As digital health measurement experts, Activinsights handle, process, and report significant amounts of data that are used to enhance public health, advance pharmaceutical drug development, and manage diseases. The implementation of an ISO 27001 compliant Information Security Management System signifies their continuous assessment of risks linked to data in the contemporary world. This effort aims to provide clients, partners, and participants with the assurance that their data will remain secure, protected, and accessible whenever needed.

Obtaining the ISO 27001 is a remarkable achievement that underscores our dedication to ensuring the utmost security for our client's valuable data” said Matt Jones, Quality Manager at Activinsights. “Our team has worked diligently to implement and maintain robust information security protocols, and this certification is a testament to their hard work and expertise.”

By achieving ISO 27001 certification, Activinsights confirms its position as a trusted partner for clients needing the highest levels of data security. This certification serves as an assurance that the company has put in place comprehensive measures to identify and mitigate potential security vulnerabilities, protect against data breaches, and maintain compliance with industry regulations.

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About Activinsights

Activinsights is a digital health company that specialises in the objective measurement of physical behaviours and lifestyle. Our technologies are used worldwide within the clinical trials, health management and research markets to provide accurate and continuous monitoring of lifestyle outside of the clinic environment. We develop novel health measures from data collected by our own professional wearables and other connected devices, such as phone apps, within a scalable global and secure infrastructure. Advanced data analytics reveal insights, novel endpoints and biomarkers that support pharmaceutical drug development, clinical practice, and disease management. Find out more at

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