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Activinsights are experts in remote monitoring technology.

As specialists in measuring and understanding lifestyle behaviours, we provide wearable devices to healthcare professionals, researchers and clinical trials organisations.

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Activinsights uses open standards and secure servers in the design of its data systems to provide confidence and transparency. Activinsights is a registered member of Coelition as are our data service providers. Coelition is a non-profit organisation that helps systems to use personal data in a responsible way. 

The GENEActiv, Activinsights Band and our Activinsights Apps do not record or receive any personal information that identifies you directly. Only your clinician or researcher can link the lifestyle data recorded by our services to you. Your healthcare professional should ask for your consent to record lifestyle data before you are issued with a device. 

If you have questions regarding your Activinsights device, such as care instructions, visit our FAQs page. If you have questions about your study, please contact your study centre or practitioner directly.
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Check out our FAQ page which contains more information on our products and what we do.
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Our friendly team have extensive experience in remote monitoring technology and can advise you on what products and services will best suit your project needs.

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