Activinsights Joins Prestigious UK Digital Health Playbook

We are delighted to share the exciting news that Activinsights has earned its place in the esteemed Department for Business and Trade's newly enhanced Digital Health Playbook!

About the Digital Health Playbook:

Featuring a robust lineup of over 180 UK innovators and exporters, the Digital Health Playbook serves as the ultimate resource hub for healthtech innovation. This inclusive platform showcases specialists with vast expertise in delivering advanced patient care, insights and analysis, core infrastructure, and self-care solutions.

Rigorous Selection Process:

We underwent a meticulous selection process, our inclusion in the Playbook is a testament to our collaborative excellence within healthcare, our responsiveness, and our role in representing the UK's journey in digital health, particularly within the NHS. The Playbook undergoes regular reviews to ensure its cutting-edge relevance.

Discover Activinsights:

Find us under "Driving insights and analysis" within the Playbook if you seek a partner proficient in delivering intelligence derived from healthcare data.

How Activinsights Stands Out:

As a distinguished digital health company, we specialise in objectively measuring physical behaviours and lifestyles. Our technologies, deployed worldwide in clinical trials, health management, and research markets, provide accurate and continuous monitoring of lifestyle beyond clinical settings. Key features include:

Key Facts:

Join our journey in shaping the future of digital health! Let's collaborate on upcoming research or clinical trials—contact us today for impactful partnerships.

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