Activinsights announce a solution for all Actiwatch users

Activinsights are pleased to announce an instant solution for all sleep and Actiwatch users.


Sleep researchers, clinicians and practitioners can now collect high resolution raw data from the GENEActiv and continue to use the Actiware software for analysis. Activinsights are releasing the capability to turn the GENEActiv .bin files into .AWD files. These .AWD files can then be entered into the existing Actiware software for users to continue to generate double plotted sleep graphs and manipulate data in the way they have always been used to.


The GENEActiv .bin file to .AWD files conversion is an instant solution for anyone interested in objective sleep measurement with actigraphy and beyond. Furthermore, the collection of high-resolution, raw data with the GENEActiv provides users with the additional benefit of future proofing the data set collected. This enables researchers to continue to apply novel analysis techniques to the unfiltered raw data in the future, removes any limitations against black-box algorithms and increases the value of the data collected for future research capabilities. The GENEActiv provides backward capability with Actiware and enables users to use any system going forward.


Please see our library of over 130 sleep publications. For more information and to discuss our sleep services in more detail please contact Raggy Bains or Stephanie Sargeant