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Here you will find a selection of downloads relating to the Activinsights Band. If you require more support or wish to place an order, please contact us directly.

You may also find it useful to read our FAQs below.

Activinsights Band FAQs

Have questions? No problem, you’ll be able to find all the information you need below.
General FAQs
What does the Activinsights Band record?

It measures movement and provides lifestyle analysis based on scientifically validated algorithms to give data around physical activity and sleep. The Activinsights Band detects up to 12 basic activities with estimates of steps, movement and energy expenditure.

What is the difference between the Activinsights Band and GENEActiv?

The Activinsights Band is designed for healthcare professionals looking to gain objective lifestyle information as part of screening or behaviour change programme in patients. It is suitable for long-term, continuous, and remote data collection with low subject burden.

The GENEActiv is designed for academic researchers as a general purpose objective measurement tool, who would like to gain high frequency, raw data. This enables unlimited analysis opportunities and the development of digital biomarkers relevant for specific populations and therapeutic conditions.

The Activinsights team can help advise on which device is best suited to your study or project.

Is the Activinsights Band waterproof?

Yes, it is fully waterproof and robust so participants can swim, shower or bathe with the device on. There should be no reason at all to remove the device for the entire measurement period. The only exceptions are if the participant enters a sauna, has an MRI scan or goes through airport security.

Is the device safe to wear alongside other medical equipment?

Yes, the device is safe to wear alongside other medical equipment. The Activinsights Band will not interfere with other equipment, such as pacemakers and blood pressure monitors. The device should be removed for a medical scan, however.

What age group is the Activinsights Band suitable for?

The Activinsights Band is suitable for everybody and can be worn by both children and adults.

How often do I need to charge the Activinsights Band?

The Activinsights Band has a battery life of up to 1 year so no charging is required.

Where can the Activinsights Band be worn?

The Activinsights Band can only be worn on the wrist. If you are looking for a device to measure movement in other body locations, the GENEActiv would be more suitable.

How should I clean the Activinsights Band?

To clean the Activinsights Band, wipe with a cloth or scrub with a soft bristle brush using warm soapy water or a mild detergent solution and allow to air dry. Alcohol wipes and mild sterilising solutions are also appropriate. To disinfect, use a Clinell Universal Wipe or equivalent product. Thoroughly cover and wipe the device so all surfaces are wetted and allow to air dry.


IMPORTANT: Do not use hot water, scouring pads, abrasive cleaning agents or aggressive liquids (such as petroleum-based solvents, acetone, and strong alkaline cleaners) on the device. Do not spray perfumes or put lotions directly on the device.

How should I store the Activinsights Band?

When not in use, keep the device in the Activinsights box in a dry and safe location at temperatures between 5 – 35°C.

Software & App FAQs
What is the Activinsights Band software?

Access to the Activinsights Band software for up to one year is included with the purchase of the Activinsights Band. The software allows you to quickly set up devices, upload data and generate instant lifestyle reports. Access to unlimited lifestyle reports can be provided on an annual, renewable basis.

What PC specifications are required for using the Activinsights Band software and app?

The minimum specification for the PC is Windows 7, 64 bit.

How often do I need to upload my data?

The data collected should be uploaded via the app at least once a week.

How long does it take upload data?

Uploading the data via the Activinsights App should take no more than two minutes.

What if the data will not upload?

If you are experiencing difficulties uploading data or making the device connect to the PC, then please contact your study site directly. For sites, please contact us and send us a support file from the ‘settings’ tab of the software.

My device won’t connect to the app. Is this a problem with the Bluetooth connection?

If there is a problem with the Bluetooth, the symbol will be a ‘grey’ colour when opening the software. When the Bluetooth symbol is blue this means that the device is ready to connect. It will change from blue, to grey and then green once the software has found the Activinsights Band.

If your PC has existing Bluetooth capacity, you do not need a dongle. Using it may stop the system from working.

How do I renew the Activinsights Band and data services after 1 year?

The Activinsights Band has a one-year battery life with unlimited data services during that time, so they can be stored until the next use. After one year, devices can be replaced with continued access to the data services (if appropriate). Please contact us for a range of cost-effective renewal options.

Problems with your device?

If you are experiencing problems with your Activinsights Band, read more about troubleshooting and our warranty and returns procedures.
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