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The Adoption of Wearables in Clinical Trials

2 August 2022
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The Adoption of Wearables in Clinical Trials

By Bill Hogan, CEO

The adoption of digital health technology in clinical trials is on the rise. During 2021 alone, we have seen more than 200 digitally augmented trials in large part in response to the COVID pandemic. Collecting real world raw data is key here. If we can reach larger target groups with increased diversity, then by definition the data are dramatically improved. Equitable recruitment and long-term participant retention have frequently been highlighted as being amongst the greatest challenges for clinical trials today. Doubtless further challenges exist around the quantity and quality of real-world data.

There is without any doubt a growing body of evidence that sensor-based data collected from wearables is having a major impact on the development of robust clinical digital endpoints. At Activinsights, we offer a full-scale service for clinical trials, including study design, global deployment, data analysis, training and more. Our flexible range of services are designed to enhance decentralised trials with the goal of reducing patient and site burden.

Our leading capabilities in data analysis and management enables meaningful novel digital endpoints to be delivered from outside the traditional clinic setting. We know how to get the best data with maximum adherence and participant wear compliance. Our professional medical-grade wearables are designed for health research. The devices have no inherit value to the participant and have been seen as a way to improve device return rates. They are robust, waterproof, comfortable and have a neutral aesthetic. There is no requirement for a participant to charge the device and no direct participant feedback which is key to ensuring objective data capture.

We believe this is the gold standard, free-living, raw data measurement tool for clinical trials and innovative research. It records for up to one month with secure on-board data storage.

Read more about our raw data accelerometer device, the GENEActiv, or our long-term intervention tool, the Activinsights Band.

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